Monday, March 18, 2013

what your feel ?


Assalamualaikum :)

hey guys , just a simple post for a question .

* sorry kalau ada yang terasa .

just a question , for the couple of course .

don't you feel shy to show off your couple to the others ?

don't you feel it can come out with a 'fitnah' ?

yeah, fitnah maybe.

when people keep talking about you and your partner .

no matter they talking is true or not but if not it is a real 'fitnah' right ?

then , others also can get 'dosa' from you.

don't you think that you show to others your 'dosa' 

when you keep holding hands to each other ?

walking together at anywhere ?

show to others that you are a loving couple ?

don't you shy doing it ?

just think about it .

whatever you're doing , you bring your family's name .

bad or good of it is in your hand .

okay , close the topic.

up to becoming exam :
  • study as smart as you can .
  • take care of your healthy .
  • being the person that is nice with other and others will pray for your success .
  • don't think to much .
  • Allah always help in everything you do as long as it right .
  • don't be busybody with others , tegur and then blah :D
  • loves Allah and Allah will love you back.
* reminder for myself ;)
for the beloved friends , you also shoud do what i'm doing.

okay bye !
xoxo , assalamualaikum :)

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