Thursday, September 22, 2011

true one :)

true one :))
you guys , that always beside me ,
always protect me ,
always guide me ,
and always remind me .

you guys , that always there ,
when i happy or sad ,
always there to make me laugh .

you guys , that always cheerish my life ,
and give me the spirit to wake up .
you guys , best one to ask lepaking :)
best one to share the story morry ,
best one to story about foster family , haha :D
and the best one to laugh together .

you guys , make my life colourful ,
and i missing the time with you :l
and i want the time come back ,
to make it more beautiful memories :)

thanks for support me till now ,
and i appreciate all that i get .
thanksssssss a lottt ,
no one will know how i'm loving you :)

p/s : :m: header tuh hodoh kan ? biar lar tok sementara nieh :)
nanti rajin2 aku makeover balik .

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